Custom Picture Framing

  • Based in Mellons Bay, Auckland, New Zealand
  • In order to showcase and protect your precious art, creations, achievements and memories in a truly exclusive manner, ample design time is spent and a visual presentation given.
  • A visualization program makes it easy to see how design changes affect the final product. This assists in making better visual and financial choices.
  • Michele can help you with all your framing requirements, including water colours, pastels, oils, prints, needlework, certificates, photos, memorabilia,  sports jerseys, shadow boxes and puzzles.
  • Budget framing is available where longevity is not an issue.
  • For items which have monetary or sentimental value, Preservation Framing is essential for limiting potential damage.
  • To create an exceptional and unique final product, an extensive selection of frames and mat boards are available, and a variety of subtle, decorative techniques employed.

              Picture Framing Gallery

Picture Framing of photo collage


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