Custom Glass Etching

  • All items are custom designed and handcrafted in Mellons Bay, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Glass etching, which is achieved by propelling an abrasive with high air pressure onto the glass, is know as sandblasting. 
  • The subtle, translucent finish it creates is permanent, so there will be no peeling, cracking or fading as with fake finishes ever.
  • Exceptional art pieces can be created, ranging from elegant architectural privacy solutions to delicately etched glassware.
  • By carving, shading, outlining, flat blasting or texturing the glass, individually, or in combination with each other, the design possibilities are endless.
  • Items commonly blasted are: glass doors, windows, kitchen cupboards, glass table tops, mirrors, glass trophies and awards, wine or champagne bottles and glasses.

Glass Etched / Sandblasted Glass Panel

                        Glass Etching Gallery

Michele will gladly liaise with you to establish what your needs and preferences are, so that she can create something exclusive for you. 


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