Mirrors: Supplied, Bevelled, Etched and Framed

  • Whether you require a regular, beveled, framed or custom etched mirror, Michele can assist you.
  • A lovely frame and/or etched design, can turn an ordinary mirror into a striking feature and conversation piece.  

Below are photos of some completed projects                                                                      


  • SM2
  • SM1
    Etched bathroom cabinet mirror
  • SM3
  • SM5
    The image/text was painted gold to match the frame
  • SM4
    The piano was blasted and painted from behind and the notes blasted on the front
  • SM7
  • SM8
  • SM9
    The mirror was etched from the back as well as the front for a more dramatic effect.
  • SM11
    The twins turned 21 and this framed mirror was used at the function. The twins fought over the mirror, so the mom kept the original and they each got their own.
  • SM12
    The shading gives a lovely, subtle finish. The eyes have been touched up, subtle hair strands added and some other finishing touches added.
  • SM13
    This photo is only blasted solid and less time was spent on the artwork than the previous etching.
  • SM36
    Bathroom mirror
  • SM40
    Mirror framed to match the tiles and vanity cupboard
  • SM43
    Mirror was blasted from the front as well as the back. Some sections were painted gold.

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